Large-scale production

High-tech fully automated modern German equipment, providing extremely high quality bricks.

Careful approach to each client

A careful approach to the tasks that we receive from clients and partners makes us leaders on the market. Our company works with clients from all regions of Ukraine.

Highly-qualified management

Our executives include leading engineers and scientists. Kerambud has always achieve  to work with the brightest talents in the industry from the beginning. Since it started as a small company and nowadays it has become a large organization with partners in many countries of Europe.



Kerambud Brick Plant is one of the most powerful brick producers on the West of Ukraine, founded in June 2002 and commissioned in October 2005 to meet the consumer needs of high quality wall construction materials. The company's strategy is aimed at strengthening and expanding business contacts, increasing the range of products in accordance with market requirements and individual approach to our customers.


We use high quality eco-friendly clay with a 200-year history of application in the production of bricks and roofing in Polish and Austrian factories since 1800. Following to European brick production technology on modern German equipment, constant quality control at our own proven laboratory by the government standart, skilled personnel and automated production all contribute to obtaining the highest quality bricks.



Agingof the clay in Europe's largest chargeburst contributes to the completion of all clay maturation processes





Answers to the questions:

It is our great pleasure to answer your questions by telephone +38 068-680-1111. Or just fill out the form.


Lviv district, Gorodockij area
village Halychany, str. Cwitna, 34

Email: zbut@kerambud.net

Email: kerambud2002@icloud.com


Tel:  03231 31-031

       03231 32-255



Opening hours:

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 18:00 

Saturday Sunday - closed

Lunch time 13:00 - 14:00


Andriy Polyanskyy


Shawjak Igor

Want to work with us?

Please send your ideas and cooperation options by phone or email: 



Please call: +38 068-680-1111
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